Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of the men and women called to serve as elders, deacons, staff, and ministry leaders.

Our Elders

  • Joey Kotarek

    Joey Kotarek moved to DC from South Carolina in 2010 and found his home in the city. Joey did his undergrad at the University of Arkansas and his PhD at the University of South Carolina Columbia in Chemical Engineering. He hopes that Union can be a place where all who come can find a home.  In 2014 he fell in love with Emily Alianello and convinced her to marry him two years later.  When not at the church, Joey spends his days working for the FDA, hanging out with his family, and wishing it snowed more here.

  • Shaun Cross

    Rev. Shaun Cross lives in Northeast D.C. with his wife, Melissa, and their three kids. 

    Shaun studied at Campbell University and Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. He loves connecting the deeper realities of faith and Christ-centered spirituality to the practical facets of life. He is passionate about the intersection of faith, theology, justice, and the Church and longs to see Union Church be a place where people far from Jesus and people on the margins of society can be welcomed into the family of God.

Our Staff

Alicia Orzechowski - Director of Ministries

Shaun Cross - Lead Pastor

Our Deacons

Rebekah Calano - Justice & Mercy

Shaun & Laurie Kalfan - Finance

Eleni Lobene - Children

Paul McFarland - Music

Executive TEam

Nate Hodson

Eleni Lobene

Adam Lobene

Emily Kotarek

Karen Anderson