Magnify Jesus  •  Make Disciples

We believe that God is at work in DC. He is changing lives by the power of the gospel (good news) His son, Jesus.  As those lives are changed, hope is found and communities are transformed. Our hope is that, as the gospel continues to work in our city, barriers of ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, age, and politics would be broken down and that  love, dignity, mercy, and peace would rise in its place. We believe that all of this is possible because of the life and work of Jesus Christ. Jesus was broken so that we could be made whole. He was oppressed so that oppression would cease.  He was estranged from His Father so that we might be called children of God. Jesus is our hope and He calls us to follow Him.  For that reason, Union Church exists to magnify Jesus and make disciples that apply the gospel to every facet of life.

Our values

As we pursue that mission, we will prioritize five key practices:


Jesus is at the center of everything we do.

Christ-centered Worship:
All people, by nature, are worshippers. It is the object of our worship that will determine the course of our lives.  Authentic worship, that God desires, is centered on the person and work of Jesus.

Christ-centered Community:  
All people, by nature, are communal.  In Jesus, we have new, redeemed community where friendships are build, faith is strengthened, hope is renewed, and needs are met.

Christ-centered Renewal:  
The gospel of Jesus Christ creates renewed people who, as they apply the gospel to their lives, bring cultural renewal.  Jesus transforms our approach to our work, our culture, and the needs of our neighbors.

Christ-centered Multiplication: 
The gospel of Jesus Christ compels the church to make disciples through evangelism and church planting.  Union Church prioritizes its resources to that end.