our mission

Union Church exists to magnify Jesus by making disciples that follow Jesus, find renewal, become family, and bless DC.

Our Vision

Union Church seeks to join in the renewal of all things through a movement of the gospel that results in spiritual awakening, community formation, and Biblical justice for all people in DC and all the peoples of the earth.

Our values

Biblical Fidelity

Union Church is shaped by a commitment to teaching, studying, and observing all that God has taught us in the Scriptures. To that end, Biblical fidelity is essential to the work that we do as a church family.

Faithful Simplicity

So much of modern life is complicated and over-extended. Union Church is committed to simplicity in worship, community, and service that is shaped by a deep faith and commitment to the Lord.

Generous Hospitality

We believe that every gift God has given us is a means to serve, bless, and welcome others into His family. Union Church desires to be a people who reflect the generosity and embrace of God by extending that to everyone.

Collaborative Justice

We believe that righteousness and justice go hand in hand. Union Church follows Jesus by doing justice and loving mercy; and we don't do this alone. We seek to collaborate with fellow churches, civic groups, and ministries in the area to pursue the flourishing of all DC's citizens.