At Union Church, membership is family. All of our members are followers of Jesus Christ, brought together by the work of His gospel.  Together we strive to live out our mission of magnifying Jesus and making disciples.  Members who enter into a public promise, called a covenant, with their local church are called to a higher degree of responsibility and service.  Likewise, our deacons and elders are covenanted to assist members: to love and lead, provide counsel and aid, and pray for, teach, and guide them.

Our Membership Process:

Step 1:  Attend a Foundations Seminar (You learn about us)

Foundations Seminar is your chance to find out more about the life of Union Church.  There you'll learn more about who we are, what we believe, and what we value.  It's also an opportunity to meet and connect with our leaders, learn how you can walk alongside us in life and service, and ask any questions you may have.  Attending a Foundations Seminar doesn't commit you to anything, however; it is a requirement for membership.  

Step 2:  Fill out a Membership Questionnaire (We learn about you)

The Membership Questionnaire is a short form that helps get to know some of your story, how you feel God has equipped you to serve others, and how we can best serve you.  The questions range from your testimony to whether or not you affirm our doctrinal statement and membership covenant.  A link to this questionnaire is e-mailed to all participants who complete our Foundations Seminar.

Step 3:  Meet with the leadership

After filling out the questionnaire, we'll set up a time for you to meet with two church leaders.  It's a time for us to get to know you a little bit better and for you to ask any more questions, you may have.  Upon completion, you will be recommended to the members of Union Church for membership.

Step 4:  Affirmation

At a Sunday Service after you've completed Steps 1-3,  we will publicly ask the membership of Union Church to affirm you for membership and you to affirm you desire for membership with Union Church.  We then welcome you into membership and pray over you as you join us on mission in DC.